Attila Prince Timur Lenk

Wars do not erupt, because wars develop no personality of its own. Wars are threaded, taken, meek or broken actively from the fence: by precisely determinable warmongers politicians, arms dealers, war profiteers, secret organizations, etc. And there are also practical peacemaker, that give a region or even throughout the world to peace. Against this background, Frank Fabian’s conclusion makes sense and pulls right like a red thread through his remarks: If you studied the strategies of successful doves and popular, destructive, war-loving personalities of far fewer opportunities to wreak havoc have. As historical models, which apply the art of peace did, Frank Fabian leads the great soul Gandhi as well as the tireless Reich Chancellor Gustav Stresemann or the ancient Indian King Aschoka.

The latter was to the early days of his reign done to striking bloody wars. But then he became the South Asian version of Saul, Paul was a”peace possessed. The ancient war driver was this better taught through contact with Buddhism. In another religion the Hindu found centuries later Gandhi the power for his crazy-looking endeavor to sit up alone with the means of peace against the quite belligerent set former world of England and to give independence to India at the end. Can a similar powerful driving force of the peace be at Chancellor Stresemann. His political beliefs that drove him, however, inflexible after the first world war and persistent peace with the hereditary France to seek.

Frank Fabian takes also the warmongering side under the microscope. Running this battalion of the horror of the People devil himself, Adolf Hitler. Frank Fabian proves a death-black soul he confidently guided spring before turns away even the hell with shudder. Other blood drunkards like Napoleon Bonaparte, Attila Prince Timur Lenk, or ex-President George W. Bush are relentlessly exposed by Frank Fabian as Stirrups for the four horsemen named war.