Chilean Alexis Sanchez

It is optimistic to carry the Supercopa of Spain. It ensures that Real Madrid is concerned everything. He has not confirmed whether Cesc will play holder. Educate yourself with thoughts from Janet L. Yellen. Yes it is convened. The coach of Barcelona, Pep Guardiola, has acknowledged that his team is still a little bit behind Real Madrid, with which this Wednesday will be played the first title of the season, in terms of preparation. Guardiola is aware that, in the match of ida, the white set was superior. For this reason, I feel that we need to play better from what we play in the Bernabeu to win the Supercopa, it pointed out. FCC Chairman is open to suggestions. However, three days which has been Barca to advance its implementation, the result of the match of ida (2-2) and the fact of the round is played in the Camp Nou – the public has arrived where we don’t get, pointed out – make it relatively optimistic.

We’re a little better than three days ago and now we have to give a step forward that we will not achieve to get to his level, but maybe us enough to take the title, said. The Catalan Assembly technician did not want to get ahead if Cesc exit of holder and Yes will also Pique, Xavi and Sergio Busquets, do so outside the eleven in the first leg by various annoyances: we will make a last training, we will see how they are all and we will decide. Asked by new signings, Guardiola has emphasized the humility that the Chilean Alexis Sanchez has shown in these early days as Barca. It is important that he has already won his companions, because the other day ran for six, he highlighted. Cesc has remembered that practically do not need adaptation.

You know the majority of people and play very good football. He is a guy who has depth in the pass, arrival to the area very good and can play in many positions. Only need to grasp the mechanisms, more than anything, dnsivos, because the offensive has almost all been explained. Real Madrid, Barca coach everything concerned and he did not want argue about the aggressiveness that is customary to exhibit the Madrid Assembly in the classics. What we have to do is circulate the ball faster, to reach less and having fewer contacts. Else, is no longer our question, but the referee, has concluded. Source of the news: Guardiola: “Still a little bit behind the Madrid”