Choosing A Telescope

If you face the problem of choosing a gift to a child or a friend, donate a telescope. After all, knowledge of the unexplored mysteries of the cosmos, the study of the sky a positive effect on a person's character, his knowledge of the world. Discovering beauty and majesty of the cosmos, we know the unknown nature of things. Or maybe you need a powerful tool to study astronomical photo? In today's market telescopes today there are many different models, available to almost everyone. You can choose low-cost model of the telescope base level, or else buy a solid tool with professional features.

Such a technique now used by scientists. Before to seek a decent model of the telescope, you need to select the optical system of the telescope and its mount (the device to install the telescope) well and decide by the manufacturer. Today in the amateur series There are several optical systems of telescopes: refractor (lens – the lens), reflector (lens – mirror) Maksutov-Cassegrain, Cassegrain and Schmidt-Cassegrain (a system with a combined set of mirrors and lenses). Choosing the right optical system is very important, although of course you can choose a telescope, and for appearance. Here are key points to consider when choosing optics. Refractor telescope refractor as Lens has a lens in the front pipe. They are long when compared with other systems. The larger the diameter of a lens, the greater the costs of such a telescope, because the process of making a large and very high quality lenses complex.