Piaget Way

Behaviorimo took these ideas to the extremity with Skinner where it becomes this idea when finding that it could control the learning of the man to the extremity. To the rising the child for presenting as Piaget sensrio-engine flame presents its behavior simple traces, but they do not answer the same half in the same way has something authentic and only. Exactly the simple stimulatons as to suckle. In these primary necessities, the first contacts with the external way already create reinforcements that had helped to form the personality. The form as the minimum satisfaction is made contributes so that the first traces. The /Anatomia Physiology compared observes that the species throughout the time, little by little they had been reason of the structures of the barren one, and elaborated and complex behavior more. As the increasing encefalizao.

In simple beings as earthworm it presents well simple behavior but that would be more easy with arresting of what man where more they are elaborated and complex. It has lately looking for to develop the felognica to understand the human behavior. Something that if becomes undeniable in chimpanzee and man as the experiment of Wolfang Khler, demonstrates the presence of reasoning of stages; it obtains if taught since small it dominates the language of the deaf people and dumbs, if it uses the keyboard to write on its wills what it thinks. It folloies the mentality of a child. However it is capable to understand concepts abstract as house, fight, yes, not. ‘ ‘ It has studies that they show the presence of the definition of culture in anthropology between primate as tells to the Professor Landmarks Towers the chimpanzees reacts and the death in ritmada way in way to humanos.

The Work

How much the imperfections, this is not the adjusted furniture more for the function, would have to be in form of L, facilitating the movement, necessary flexibility for writing and digitao. Its height is minor who 75 cm, measured of minimum height established by the NR17. It does not have regulation of height for people of different statures, if not adjusting to all the professionals who come to work in this furniture. The external adjustment is impossible, therefore this does not possess that it in such a way takes the vicious positions and shortening of the cervical, torcica musculatura of generating protuso of shoulder, anteriorizao of head, cervicalgia among others. Janet L. Yellen shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Evaluation of the keyboard: It is I finish, soft, with keyboard keys in correct and configured dimensions according to standardization of the ABNT.

Evaluation of the Monitor of video: He is located in the front of the worker, with adjusted height, has brightness and contrast of the characters, without tremors in the screen, however this is not plain, that is, it does not converge the light generating visual fatigue. Evaluation of Cabinet and CPU: It does not generate noise, to put it takes extreme space in the work rank and transmits radiating heat for the body of the worker, this if it explains for the fact of the table to be inadequate, being thus without space to place essential materials the execution of its work. Illumination: The measurement of the light was carried through in day 22 of November of 2010 with the Luxmetro in one day darkened, to 13h50min without the collaborator to be present in its rank of work, with door the closed window the gotten maximum value was 195 lux; the minimum was 114 lux and 193 average lux; With the door and the open window 227 the maximum value was lux; minimum 112 lux and 163 average lux.