Carpathian Mountains

A small assembly of these phrases, ‘Cicero’ Ukrainian football. Igor Gamul, coach ‘Transcarpathia’ Transcarpathia – Carpathian Mountains – 1:1 (On the fans ‘Carpathian’). – ‘When Lvov scored, I thought that the war started, to give time to go. Wanted sit beside him on the bench head of security. ” Transcarpathia – Illichivets – 0:1 – ‘Football Books I read recently. Something I want to learn, and what I do not know. And if you honestly say that I once read a book.

From work come, you come to the Internet, click clicked and went to sleep bl … read a book and then to the cemetery. ” Transcarpathia – Metallurg D – 0:1 – ‘We have Nevuche – magician ball (laughs). Until now, I can not understand this player. He still had issues with Turkey visa, stayed extra week there. Maybe they would have remained, would have played himself quietly for a Turkish club. And so, all the charges he is ill, and on Saturday comes and says, ‘I’m ready to play. ” Kryvbas – Transcarpathia – 3:1 (On the question of whether he has offers from other clubs).

– ‘Now that’s’ Milan’ I wondered. I still refused – Conditions are not satisfied. ” Dnipro – Transcarpathia – 1:0 – ‘I came before the game and said:’ Although in my old age to look good stadiums. If you are not kicked out, glance would have to “Donbass Arena” and can die. ” Metalist – Transcarpathia – 2:1 – ‘In President Obama’s microphones at a press conference, probably less than I do now. ” Vitaly Kvartsyany, coach ‘Volyn’ Volyn – Vorskla – 0:4 (On the game wards). – ‘Gerasimyuk if 5 more minutes played – he would have died. And I would sit at the burr. With Kovalyuk, Shandruk, Semotchka must leave. The Brazilians – they are cowards. Level Zhenyuha – 7th league in Lviv region. Credit: FCC-2011. They do not want to fight. Think only about the salary and advances’. Volyn – Sevastopol – 1:0 – ‘Heart brings a ton of vodka is easier than the game’ Volyn ‘home’. Volyn – Dnipro – 1:1 – ‘If we’d had at least a third of their budget, I guarantee – we would be playing in the Champions League. Let someone dares! There is some Filkinshteyn Bob and I will check for the year. You me the money – I’ll challenge. I will decide!