Carpathian Mountains

A small assembly of these phrases, ‘Cicero’ Ukrainian football. Igor Gamul, coach ‘Transcarpathia’ Transcarpathia – Carpathian Mountains – 1:1 (On the fans ‘Carpathian’). – ‘When Lvov scored, I thought that the war started, to give time to go. Wanted sit beside him on the bench head of security. ” Transcarpathia – Illichivets – 0:1 – ‘Football Books I read recently. Something I want to learn, and what I do not know. And if you honestly say that I once read a book.

From work come, you come to the Internet, click clicked and went to sleep bl … read a book and then to the cemetery. ” Transcarpathia – Metallurg D – 0:1 – ‘We have Nevuche – magician ball (laughs). Until now, I can not understand this player. He still had issues with Turkey visa, stayed extra week there. Maybe they would have remained, would have played himself quietly for a Turkish club. And so, all the charges he is ill, and on Saturday comes and says, ‘I’m ready to play. ” Kryvbas – Transcarpathia – 3:1 (On the question of whether he has offers from other clubs).

– ‘Now that’s’ Milan’ I wondered. I still refused – Conditions are not satisfied. ” Dnipro – Transcarpathia – 1:0 – ‘I came before the game and said:’ Although in my old age to look good stadiums. If you are not kicked out, glance would have to “Donbass Arena” and can die. ” Metalist – Transcarpathia – 2:1 – ‘In President Obama’s microphones at a press conference, probably less than I do now. ” Vitaly Kvartsyany, coach ‘Volyn’ Volyn – Vorskla – 0:4 (On the game wards). – ‘Gerasimyuk if 5 more minutes played – he would have died. And I would sit at the burr. With Kovalyuk, Shandruk, Semotchka must leave. The Brazilians – they are cowards. Level Zhenyuha – 7th league in Lviv region. Credit: FCC-2011. They do not want to fight. Think only about the salary and advances’. Volyn – Sevastopol – 1:0 – ‘Heart brings a ton of vodka is easier than the game’ Volyn ‘home’. Volyn – Dnipro – 1:1 – ‘If we’d had at least a third of their budget, I guarantee – we would be playing in the Champions League. Let someone dares! There is some Filkinshteyn Bob and I will check for the year. You me the money – I’ll challenge. I will decide!

Donetsk Shakhtar

A long time ago so not happy with Dynamo Kiev fans of this game relaxed and calm. So, probably, and just can not remember when the last time Kiev played confidently and safely the first number was adjusted their advantage to its logical conclusion, while not presenting an opponent no chance of success. Well it’s not good news. The team finally selected from the crisis. Source: Ajit Pai. Matches with the Belgian Ghent, I think it is not necessary, cite as an example. Dynamo beat AZ effortlessly and it can not but rejoice. Acting head coach Oleg Luzhny Kiev did not split hairs with the composition and released proven fighters, especially, as they say, winning composition does not change.

Andriy Shevchenko this time was in store, as before received a small injury that prevents him laid out on the field for 90 minutes. Credit: Federal Reserve Bank-2011. Instead, it appeared to start namesake Yarmolenko, which, however, does not remember the special and was replaced by Milos Ninkovic during the second half. Milosz had already recovered from his injury, but still far from their optimal physical condition. By the way is on its way Guilherme, Artem, Bertola and Kravets, so that someone will Luzhny to strengthen the team game. Dynamo was not to force things, and only towards the middle of the first half of the gate Romero was hot.

Yes, and how! One has only to recall the moment Milevsky, when Romero revealed the wonders of the reaction. In the second half failed the people of Kiev Dodavah opponent and score two unanswered goals. Double Milevsky designed with gear Eremenko. After the second victory over AZ Alkmaar, Dynamo confidently takes the second line in the group and preparing to meet with BATE Borisov. After the victory of Kiev and Donetsk Shakhtar in the Champions League, we can already say with certainty that the Ukrainian football is now on the rise.

European Football Championship

UEFA European Football Championship – a competition that takes place in Europe between the national teams, UEFA is organized. Championships are held every four years, since 1960, it happens between the FM. Initially, the tournament was KEN another name, since 1968, another name that has been preserved and now UEFA. Teams played the first trophy of the USSR and Yugoslavia, the final match was held in Paris. The first winners of the tournament was the team of the Soviet Union, the fate of the match decided in extra time. In 1964 he was the organizer of Spain, the Spaniards and won the tournament, beaten in the final of the USSR national team 2-1 team that won the tournament in 1960. In 1968, as already mentioned, has changed the name, also been changed the tournament format. In the 8 groups, the teams played each other, who was ranked first place in the quarterfinals.

3 European Championships, held in Italy. Charles Schwab
takes a slightly different approach. The Italians managed to win his first home title in a match replay they beat Yugoslavia 2-0. At the European Championship in 1972, the format has not changed. Bruce Flatt has plenty of information regarding this issue. The tournament was held in Belgium in the final match came together teams of Germany and the USSR, more Germans were 3-0 and won the first European title. In 1980, the format tournament, nothing has changed. At the event celebrating the victory of the Germans, West Germany in the final team beat Belgium 2-1. In 1984 he organized the French Championship. As a result, they became winners.

In the end they managed to beat the team Spain 2-0. In 1988 he organized the tournament, West Germany, the format has not changed. In the final meet of the USSR national teams and the Netherlands, the Dutch were stronger and won. In 1992, the organizers of the Championship Swedes. Then the team of Yugoslavia refused to participate. Yugoslavia was replaced in the tournament the Danes. As a result, the Danes and became champions in the final match, they were stronger than the Germans 2-0. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, there are more teams are now 48 teams could participate in the tournament. In 1996, the final stage was already 16 teams, divided them into 4 groups of 4 teams each. In the finals, Germany beat the Czech Republic national team and became a champion. In 2000, the organizers have been two countries: Belgium and Holland. In the final, the French defeated the Italians by golden goal, authored by Trezeguet. In 2004 the format changed, now instead of the golden goal was silver. He won the tournament the Greeks, in the finale they managed to beat the owner tournament team in Portugal. In 2008, the tournament took the two countries Austria and Switzerland. Spanish Cup win in the final of the national team beat Germany 1-0.