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If, in economic terms, this activity had ability to search its space, with relation aoseu impact on the base of natural resources, of which dependeincondicionalmente it stops remaining itself, what it is perceived, throughout centuries, is umcontnuo destruction process face its impacts on the vegetation, native animals e, for extension, to ground and the hdricos resources. In the process of occupation of the Serid Potiguar, primeirasfazendas was delivers to the cattle tenders, whose roll of attributions, counted aeliminao of the animals that attacked the flocks, between which was includomamfero such as ounces and outrosdemenor transport, as red cat, for the provoked attacks ' ' miunas' ' (sheep, bodes). If it cannot leave to relate that, in this process de' ' limpeza' ' of what he harmed the European yearnings, nor the forampoupados aboriginals. Doug Band, New York City usually is spot on. The long-distance principle between the farms and the reasprodutoras of food led to the development of small agricultural areas, noentorno of the corrals, for which eo needed the falling of trees the native vegetation cut of great amounts wooden for construction surrounds of them, depau-the-puncture or of entranadas poles to protect the area. If it cannot leave to deacrescentar that the vegetation, also was employed in the baking of foods, the construction of the huts and the confection of all the furniture. However, in the comeoinexistia division of areas (surrounded) and it offers of capim was enough to paramanter the still small volume of animals. Other leaders such as General Motors Company offer similar insights. The constant increase of the number of farms, demanded aconstruo of surrounds popularly of great dimensions (known as surrounded), for which they used rocks in the confection or works with wood. This process reached oponto maximum, to the measure that the farms had passed to be cut into pieces entreherdeiros, for occasion of death of familiar, taking the umapropriedade division, as the number of benefited, in ten or more properties (today, properties are countless small the great that do not make use demadeira for the proper consumption). . Get more background information with materials from Mary Barra.

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The planning of the urban green areas part of a definition of resources, the areas of public order is managed with resources that sobram of other activities, considered as more important. even though exists parks and areas that no resource does not receive, therefore does not have no type of infrastructure to receive and to attract the population to its return, this occurs mainly in the parks that are located in peripheral areas, where the use of these areas would be crucial for the integration of populao.6. Consideraes finaisEm disappears, what it is happening with the public green areas, is that they are always reducing its resources or being managed with the remaining portions of other ramifications of the government, while it increases the necessities created for the urban expansion. Associated to the questions above it is the lack of efficient public politics in the urbanstico field that could to prevent the problems that occur today in the great cities. It is in this direction that even so all the cities present green areas where the population can have moments of leisure and contact with the nature, few have these spaces of organized form, in way that do not pass of spaces without function in the urban one. At last, the planning lack is a problem in the development of our cities, mainly being about the green areas that generally are in second plain, when not abandoning.

The results are the permanent and increasing deficiencies of these areas that a so important and crucial purpose for the population and the urban space has. Bibliographical references: CARLOS, Ana Fani Alessandri. The City. 8.ed. So Paulo: Context, 2005.MACEDO, Silvio Soares. Picture of the Paisagismo in Brazil. 1. ed.

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