Siberia Salam

Here he began to prepare his first escape, which make him have failed … After Melburga Kalibatova in life there were many more camps. A group of Soviet prisoners of war threw from one to another, sent to forced labor, starved in punishment cells. In the camps, was somewhere in Czechoslovakia, Salam met his countrymen – sormakovtsev Hazhismela Gonchapsheva, Shamsadina Kodzokova, Naib Sokurov – and a native of the village Ozrek Ossetian Hazhmeta Galachieva. By the time the local forests have already begun to act guerrillas went liberation movement, and our heroes have a hope to escape from captivity. On that note, they decided … Escape prepared several months – garnered grain, salt, which is able to get masterovitomu Hazhmetu, figured out the routes of patrols, the regime security services.

Has almost everything was ready when Galachieva stores found and put in solitary confinement for three months. – Then many of us have survived only thanks to wit Salam – says one of his friends Kalibatova Hazhismel Gongapshev. – Any offense for the offender could end aprons cooler. Living there went out a few units. Salam has saved many lives, supporting us and morally and physically – products. He figured out how to produce potatoes. Through an outlet in the closet threw in a stuffed chock prodsklad at her nails, and then stretched on a rope "hedgehog" pinned on the nails with potatoes. Using the master keys, which made the Naib, Salaam made his way to the cooler to our comrades and bring them food.

There, in the camp, Salam gave us a second life … Like a visit to the plans of conspirators, they soon moved again to a new location content. It was preparing to escape a group of prisoners of war, but shortly before the scheduled time of the cook, who was devoted to the fugitives in his plan, gave his comrades. Instigators Escape the Germans hunted down by dogs. – All day we systems were on the parade ground, and the torn body Andreev Ivanov and lay before us – bitterly recalled Hazhismel Gongapshev. – The rest was not touched – slave force was necessary to Nazi Germany – and just threw on another An "object" … May 5, 1945, Soviet troops occupied the town and freed the prisoners Wallenberg. After filtration, Salam Kalibatova sent for duty in Hungary, where he was discharged in the summer of the 46th. * "Civic" Life Salam Talibovicha Kalibatova also was not unclouded. Worked on the farm, in the purchaser Leskenskom store, after a conflict with his superiors, was exiled to Siberia for "failure of 250 workdays" – then many villagers lost their health and sometimes life in this absurd article. But, wherever I threw his destiny, no matter how bitter it is not turned out to be a piece of stale bread, Salam has always been a – a good, wise, generous – helping those who needed his help. – That he was at war in a concentration camp, so stayed and in civilian life – a warm fellow countrymen speak of him. – He raised five deserving children and grandchildren. But most importantly, left behind Salam Kalibatov – is a good memory that did not measure any wealth …