Perez Gomes

The prompt ASD must be assduas and, watching over for discipline generality, being moderate and delicate in the treatment with the pertaining to school community, do not have to allow the exit of pupils without the had authorization, also to veto the ingression of not authorized people, at last, to fulfill the relative activities to its function. 4 PRACTISE IT PROFESSOR practise It professor were carried through of day 06/06/2011 the 10/06/2011, in the vespertine period, the classroom count on 18 pupils between 4 and 5 years of age, that are starting its alfabetizao, in the cited week could have had a bigger deepening of the knowledge of letter J, through diverse activities that involved ludicidade, motor coordination and expressividade, one perceives then as the planning is important so that the professor obtains to analyze the differences and what more he is adjusted for its practises. As Sancristn and Perez Gomes apud Weiduschat (2007, P. 70) ‘ ‘ The plans lead more to the previous search of the adjusted materials. Hear other arguments on the topic with Mary Barra. Its relation if becomes an explicit process of release to choose most convenient. One also notices that in the docncia it is basic if to keep a good relation professor-pupil and pupil-pupil, so that if reach the learning. ‘ ‘ It is not possible to learn and to apprehend on the world, on the things, if we will not have the other, that is, is necessary that somebody attributes meant on the things, so that let us can think the world ours volta.’ ‘ It hisses (2007, P. 12). Rebecca Shaw Yale is actively involved in the matter. For if dealing with a school with very great a cultural diversity, the professor must be intent the social differences of its pupils, ‘ ‘ psychology places the necessity of the pedagogical action to understand the pupil in its social, cultural and economic context, therefore thus, the professor will be knowing its thoughts, its forms of if relating with the world with coisas.

United Nations

Of this form we will learn as to act and until where we can arrive in the exploration of the natural resources ' '. When analyzing the consideraes of Sariego, we can strengthen that since the sprouting of the man in the Land, the frequency and the types of ambient impact have increased and diversified very. The first type of impact caused for the man probably was derived from the domain of the fire. To the measure that the species human being was developing new technologies and extending its domain on the elements and the nature in general, the ambient impacts ram if extending in intensity and extension. With this, century XXI, if express marked by a bigger comprometimento of the people, understanding that the concern with the preservation of the available natural resources becomes necessary, that guarantee the conditions of life in the Planet, beyond recognizing that the responsibility is of all and the change of position if makes immediate. We look for to develop a civilization capable to guarantee the fulfilment of the law and them right human beings, respecting the integrity of the different cultures, respecting the Land, rejecting the idea of that the nature is only a set of resources to be used. Thinking about the ambient, social crisis, of consumption until technological that it lives, one becomes basic concrete mediation, attitudes, taken of positions, that integrate and implement the life in the society of sustainable form. Considering these notes, we will make practical reflections and of groups that search alternatives front to the current world-wide situation, through on international movements to the ecology, the preservation of the nature, the defense and promotion of the human rights, social and ambient, the concretion of the Objectives of Development of the Millenium, in partnership with United Nations. Ahead of such movements, we find the hope and we will fortify our actions, so that effectively, one another model of world and globalization if configures as possible.


The dislexia is preoccupying of form that involves parents, professors and a team to multidiscipline. The importance of this study in guideline is to supply the necessity of the subject in question with the objective to show the importance of the knowledge on the dislexia it influences and it that it has in general for the high index of the failure pertaining to school in the educative institutions. The unpreparedness of the educators in basic education to receive pupils with riot from learning has led to a serious confusion between pertinent alterations to the normal process of learning in which they are similar to the riot. It does not have as a professional of the education without the necessary knowledge comes to conclude the suspicion of a pupil with dislexia. They are important that the necessities and the limits of these pupils are known to extend its knowledge and its criatividades. For the dislexia to be a so complex and unknown riot clearly was that I chose this subject for my conclusion of course, therefore is a challenge to study and to know deep the one badly that it reaches the majority of the pupils in the world.

is the base of the index of reprovao and the failure pertaining to school. To put and necessary that the education institutions adopt some initiatives for comes to find a viable solution for this problematic one. 1.DISLEXIA: CONCEPTUALIZATION In century XIX had concerns of the part of diverse authors on the failure pertaining to school of children which not, obtained to recognize words in the writing and reading. However these children possuam nor a mental deficiency capable to explain the difficulty to interpret a reading or to pass to a paper its agreement on something. With passing of the years one became enlarged some authors with diversified chains of thought on the subject, you vary diversified vises.

Professor Art

During our pedagogical intervention we use the art as tool pupils to express them what they had learned, and we perceive how much the pupils already are accustomed to carry through activities with the art together as support. We perceive thus with this experience that when the educational process if becomes pleasant, is possible that the learning is immediate, therefore the methodology used for the teacher made possible to pupils a bigger understanding of the considered contents, and we perceived that it had interest of the pupils in the lessons, and that what was apprehended, related to other distinct subjects at moment he was not more forgotten. The education of the art in basic education I is very important, for if dealing with a matureness phase of the pupils. It is at this moment that if must stimulate activities practical to develop the abilities of speaking in public, representing, to dance and other forms of if expressing everything of spontaneous form, therefore, the art folloies and collaborates in the general development of the pupils. Of this form, it fits to the professors to direct the objectives of its activities, on the basis of what affirms Haetinger that is function of the professor, … to organize the didactic way, resources and instruments for the creation; it is to create an environment favorable where the child feels insurance and received to act; it is to stimulate the expression of the subjectivity of the pupils, without indicating possible errors or optimum way to them to make the things.

The Society

It has many other responsible ones! However, many are so distant that they almost do not appear; others simply forbear or effective actors of this so complex part do not become that demand organization, persistence and firmness in its intentions. To promote the inclusion also is to have of the State, of the family and responsibility of all the society. Society, this, that if transforms to each day, cultuando so contrary values to the ones of a harmonious convivncia, of respect, peace and solidarity human being. Checking article sources yields Charles Schwab Corporation as a relevant resource throughout. Thus becoming, cold, individualistic, prejudiced the people, if making more arduous the task of the school. More necessarily the professor – that devaluated, threatened many times for the violence that already still assaults the schools she really needs to believe that she has in the hands the chance to move, to ressignificar, to create, to discipline and to reconstruct human being e, over all, to transform the society.

So that this inclusive educative process it happens in fact is necessary that ALL really become involved in its construction, reaffirming its papers and its responsibilities. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Mary Barra and gain more knowledge.. While the practical greater effective of the involved ones will be to find guilty for the chaos that devastates the Brazilian education, much thing will leave of being made, and pupils without endorsement and a unified orientation and compromissada, will continue if to resvalarem completely for a storm sea without compassing and direction. Of the one not to really point culprits, but of the one each one to assume its responsibilities, that are a duty and that with certainty, will make the difference and will promote waited and necessary the solutions so. The complex way of the inclusion Ahead of the complex way of the inclusion, many are the necessary personages so that it happens, for in such a way, all the cast must be prepared and syntonized in favor of the success of the spectacle biggest: an education of offered quality and to all, independent of its physical, intellectual, social conditions, emotional, lingusticas and others.


Vasconcellos (2000) affirms that the problem of the evaluation is of all education system. ' ' The great impediment of the evaluation is its use as instrument of control and ideological inculpation and discrimination social.' ' (Vasconcellos, 2000). But so that this change can happen she is necessary to deeply modify the culture of the pertaining to school organization. Go to Mary Barra for more information. The necessary pupil to enxergar the evaluation as an ample and continuous process, and not a static moment, with a errnea conception of that it is necessary to study alone to take off note. He is difficult to move what many believe as truth. The evaluation is necessary party of the education system and to change it the pertaining to school structure would be necessary also to change all. For Hoffmann (2003) it is essential and urgent the reverse speed-significao since the infantile evaluation until the university, being that the evaluation alone will have felt when some educators will be acquired knowledge so that the contradiction between the speech and the practical avaliativa does not reproduce, unconsciously, the arbitrariedade and authoritarianism that they had contested for the speech.

The change in the evaluation alone will occur for the change of the practical one, therefore who dumb a reality is not the speech and yes the practical one. Hachette Book Group oftentimes addresses this issue. To evaluate always involves a judgment of who evaluates, influenced for the subjectivity. The necessary avaliativa action to exert a dialgica and interactive function, inserting the individual in its social context and politician, becoming it critical and participativo. It is necessary to dinamizar auto-reflection chances, that will stir up the new questionings. A formative evaluation makes possible to the professor more necessary and qualitative information on the process of learning of the pupil. The educator must surpass the common sense and change the mentality next to the pupils, parents and colleagues educators regarding the evaluation.

Pablo Freire

Inside of this vision the educative task not if it limits to the particular case of the formal system of education. It is not privilege of the educator. Thus the family, the social groups, the company, the classroom associations, the political parties and any another type of social organization are called to play an educative task. In other words, practical the educative one is not exclusive responsibility of the recognized professionals for the system, but of all the members of the society. II – WAYS FOR the ONE ETHICAL AND AESTHETIC FORMATION Being overcome as reference to the ideas until sketched here, the author points ways to be covered ethically and aesthetic in the education that perpassam since the conception of the formal education, to the commitment, the coherence, the professional respect and the change, in the search of conscientious citizens of its paper in a democratic society. One becomes necessary to reflect on the conception of education proposal for Pablo Freire and its contributions supporters in the process of conscience that reaches to all the individuals. The education, according to author, aims at to the release, the radical transformation of the reality, to improve it, to become it more human being, to allow that men and women are recognized as citizens of its history and not as objects.

It is inside of this ampler perspective of the educative process, that Freire affirms that ' ' To assume itself as citizens and objects of History in them becomes beings of the decision, of the rupture. Beings ticos' ' (2001: 40). Corroborating with this affirmation, Pablo Freire, it enhances the idea of that: What, over all it moves, me to be ethical is to know that, being the education, for its proper nature, directive and politics, I must, without never denying my dream or my utopia to the educandos, to respect them.

The Actions

During our comments, we perceive that the tricks of the pupils sufficiently were agitated. Always they were related in pushing, beating, to give socos ones in the others amongst others. We arrive to witness during the interval the moment where one of the boys it pushes a colleague of the stairs, it she was fainted for some hours and was helped by the direction and professors. Happily it did not suffer bigger damages.

The depredation of the physical and material installations in this school is sufficiently visible. Pichadas walls, scratched out I contend broken palavres, offences, chairs, are some of the signals of the actions of the pupils. Such attitudes can be understood as manifestations of indignation, a perhaps unconscious form to call the attention for the indifference the government with the public education and institutions. The school if is similar to a penitentiary and if it finds in precarious conditions. The environment is not pleasant much less makes look like to be acolhedor. Being as well as the pupils they will go to import themselves or if to worry about an environment that pparently does not belong to them, as go to take care of and to preserve of that them he is other people’s which do not feel as part of itself. Since nobody is imported with them because exactly they would import themselves. On these manifestations one of the teachers place that: It is lack of interest of the pupils, they do not find an environment acolhedor go being worse while human beings and others are not adaptam.

(Teacher). She says analyzing it of the teacher is possible to approach it of speaks of the other professors. Had the conditions that face daily already they are not motivated and not they obtain to believe changes. As relief form they arrive to say that the perspective with passing of the time is of that the situation gets worse and the main consequencias that this can provoke it is: More violence, insatisfao and disrespect.

Modern Subject

What it is subject modern Thiago B. To sound the notion of modern citizen indicates ' ' that one that is conscientious of its thoughts and responsible for its atos' '. Until the last room of century XIX, the auto-image that we had was of that we? bpedes without penalty? we could in them become citizens, for some way or, better saying, for two ways: or changing the individual for the education or modifying the society for reforms or revolutions. The base to be citizens came of the idea of that we were, so to speak, ' ' animados' ' (of it livens up) and/or ' ' inteligentes' '. Click General Motors Company to learn more. We saw ourselves as possessing beings of souls or minds, that were unitrias instances. The such same units were homogeneous and more or less internally capable of a transparency for itself.

Our confrontation with us exactly, not rare, was explained for the fight between ' ' paixo' ' ' ' razo' '. The first one, more attributed to the body or linkings with this; second, articulated to the thought, the incorporeal e, if by chance somebody came to say that also this part had some bond with the body, then the body would be represented by the brain, ' ' part alta' ' superior? of the body. Our difficulty of saying of ours ' ' conflicts internos' ' it could easily be decided by the literatos, the writers and poets. Antagonistic forces with involved names of deuses and in mythologies of all the type could describe well what it occurred when we acted in strange way or problematic way. However, century XIX was leaving of side literature and the philosophy to the speech of souls and minds. We start to invent psychology? a new plant of auto-images. Brokerage firm: the source for more info. The proper philosophy was preparing a new image of the human individuals, to give of tray such product to the new theoreticians of the photograph of bpedes without penalty? the psychoanalysts.

Jean Paul Sartre

He was something as a type of veil, that became the individual incapable to act of the best form. Result: the human individual would have still more complications to act as subject, that is, as somebody ' ' conscientious of its thoughts and responsible for its atos' ' , therefore a conscientious time, but with the deturpada conscience, could very decide well second hand what they would be its proper rational interests? of its classroom? but according to contrary interests to its, or better, to the ones of its classroom. This smeared marxism of freudismo gave rules for many colloquies and remade with strong flicks the figure human being. Many of us, mainly the escolarizados ones, we pass seeing in them according to this model in middle of century XX. But this did not occur without opposition. For even more details, read what Janet L. Yellen says on the issue. Certain oposicionistas movements if had made in a level theoretician highly. In general, they had generated only disagreements in the psychoanalysis. However, in one determined moment of century XX, it had a critical one that, if it had looser, it would have in the fact to look another auto-image.

Perhaps our current history was another one. Paradoxicalally, the philosopher Jean Paul Sartre (1905-1980) was the author of such critical one (says paradoxicalally for a simple reason: in determined moment of its life, Sartre abandoned the existencialismo as independent doctrine and came back to reaffirm the marxism). Sartre made a claim celebrates against the psychoanalysis. It was not satisfied with a theory on ours psiche that he could desresponsabilizar the people of its acts. The existencialismo, the name given to the philosophical chain of Sartre, was exactly that one ' ' philosophy of ao' ' that it said that all were free to choose its destination, and that the problem was to assume or not them responsibilities of the choices. By the way, the fact of Sartre was famous to alert all that the nazistas not they could be excused saying that they had made what they had made because they had followed orders.