Carpenter Wood

A tool is a device or equipment that helps simplify the completion of a task. The tools can be used in all disciplines. Many writers such as FCC offer more in-depth analysis. In the case of the carpentry, the most used are the hand saw, hammer, drill, electric Planer, level, among others. Woodworking is one of the oldest trades of humanity. When we speak of carpentry we can refer, both the profession and the physical place where this is carried out. It can be defined as the art of working wood and its derivatives to transform them into useful objects such as chairs, tables, desks, toys, among others.

The person who is responsible for carrying out this work is known as Carpenter and specialist responsible for making furniture is known as a cabinetmaker. Depending on the type of work to be done, the carpenters can work alone or in equipment, as well as indoor or outdoor free. Similarly, the type of wood to use will depend on the result expected. The most commonly used Woods include FIR, carob, pine, oak, mahogany, oak, among others. To perform its work, the Carpenter uses different types of tools that can be divided into manual and electric. Within main hand tools are the musical saw, which is a toothed saw used for cutting wood. Another of the most popular is the hammer, with which we move or modify the shape of a piece by hitting it. Used power tools include the Sander, with which we Polish the surface of an object either of wood or iron.

Last, but not least, find the electric Planer, utensil that consists of a handle and a sharp metal blade that leans on its base, and is used for planing the wood and make recesses. When the electric Planer is not available to be used, we have the option of using another instrument known as Fillister. This tool, in addition to serving for planing the wood and make recesses, is used to rectify suspenders and match the background of a rabbet. The widest variety and best price, we can find them in places dedicated to the sale of wholesale electric planers, where in addition to this type of utensil, we can find banks of Carpenter, augers, pushrods, drill bits, manual brushes, bars, screwdrivers and everything you need to allow a carpenter or cabinetmaker to work.