Sierre Windows

PLACE where EMOPEZARA A record: tell them that leave a space where you can record without that they interrupt you, since on many occasions are combing the ladies or bridesmaids in the same room where you record and everyone is passing entering and exiting running the rriesgo that is tropiezen with a cable pull and founded its light always wear repustos or can hurt someone when lu tipping lamp. CONNECTION of light: Dispensed that leave you a plug to outlet of light within reach so you can connect your work team. Many occasions the occupied clavicas or are hidden behind heavy furniture that you may neither devera move already that if is romple halga charge you such harm do not risk. LIGHTING: Lighting is the soul of your video, always bring a 800 Watt lighting to be able to illuminate the entire room. Use white light, not neon lamp like that used in construction. Ilamame or informate that light is the most suitable for your camera. LIGHT of day: If in the fourth bride this extensively illuminated by daylight, do not use the lus you already that only will make your video comes out yellow.

Use the lus of day more light reflectors that are very cheap there are in gold or silver colour. USING only the lamp of 800Wats wave of the camera. Sierre Windows well so not between daylight and work with the lighting that you bring, remember if using in the fourth two different lightings will have color and your gonna video problems yellow or with much dye. Before you start recording: Make some proof without recording to the tape only look at your monitor to view the image quality before you start recording, if you are satisfied of how looks your monitor, start recording. Otherwise, make arrangements. READY to record: once a wealthy dress on the bed begins to slowly burn the dress and all the memories.