Max Planck Institute

The focus of quantum physics, usually only in the closest circle of friends, the American chemist Dr. James Grant, who several years worked in Germany at a Max Planck Institute, about a strange experience while studying reported near-death experiences. He completed this not only in the United States, but also in London. Since no place was more free in the student’s home, he got enlisted right after his arrival in a waiting list. Cielo Echegoyen does not necessarily agree. Unexpectedly quickly, a room had become but free. Shortly after moving, he was woken up one night and noticed a young man in his room in the glow of a streetlight with black, curly hair. He is terribly frightened and the supposed neighbor said that he was probably wrong in the room. But this is not responding at all, but only mourning looked at him.

After switching on the light, the figure was no longer perceptible. Because I was sure that I had not been dreaming, I told the next morning the head of the home of the strange encounter and described her exactly, how the young man looked\”, grant reported. Affiliated they have briefly searched in the archive and showed him a photo on which he immediately recognized the young man. \”The incredible describes grant as follows: when I asked you who it was, she said with a quivering voice, that it was my previous tenant, who have recently taken the life\”. The author should have never mentioned this story if she would not come from a trusted source. The vision, which once had Emanuel of Swedenborg is no less fantastic. His post is one of those hand-picked documents, on the basis of existing sources considered to be secured. Professor Dr. Hans Schwarz, Professor of theology at the University of Regensburg has studied the contemporary sources for this purpose. We will live on in his book\”he summarizes what has once experienced the Stockholm-born Swedenborg: on a July evening in 1759 Swedenborg in Gothenburg for dinner had been invited, a city, the approximately 450 km Southwest of Stockholm.

Be Aware / Conscious Life Than Awareness Process Be – See

“Rainer Sauer author Deus Deus Homo.Kapitel be Homo/aware excerpt from the spiritual Advisor: the two words are already aware in be aware” have a very clear trend-setting and self-defining statement in itself for me. In a statement, which occurs in the double meaning of the two words with undeniable profundity in appearance. It’s almost like we would look again at the two famous sides of a coin. Where is on one side of the coin the meaning shows us, that we associate mostly with this term in connection, namely that consciously is a process, in which we experience an increase in our consciousness by experience, knowledge and insight, and meanwhile enjoy, even better to get to know. This means that we become aware of us, who we really are and what we really want.

We learn self-recognition by we us become aware what our needs are and what are our dreams. We gain knowledge of them as our Relationship to ourselves and to our environment is and get an increasingly growing image of what our own goals are. Thus, we have reached the edge of the coin and our goals to lead us to the opposite side of the coin. On the other side of coin is a process be aware by decision, by action and by moving in a certain direction allows the conscious striving towards and arriving at a destination. What means nothing else than that we decide in clarity and alertness that we want to be what really. So we what became already aware, an act of the Act in conscious be put into.

And understand that in a process of shifting, what we call our very own transformation way and which corresponds to the conscious will, the Act of voluntary self design, the creation itself. Conscious be here describes the rows together concatenation of understand, decide and act. Thus we can then also the one with the other side of the coin in relationship bring to each other. First, it is necessary that us self aware, we become who we are and what we really want for us. We with the us in touch come that in what constitutes individual beings, we discover the essential in us, at least say the objectives we want to achieve, an idea of the shape, which we want to accept, as a potential registration Guide see us learn. And this also, to become aware of us, what we need on our journey to self-realization and in which direction we need to go to finally at our destination, namely in what we want to be aware, to arrive. Be aware is a process that thrives in an environment of freedom and which spans like a bow of the self-recognition to self realization. Be aware of nothing but the reflection of the universal birth and birth itself is in its essence. “” An act of creation, in which the role of the creator “with the acting figure of creation” is identical. An act of divine drama, in which the cast of the Director and the actor of only a person was consigned to alone. “” A double-roll, we from beginning on all “quite all-a” even play and for that we independently decided all. Be aware that this fact to remember, so that can unfold our self-knowledge to self-realization.

Esoteric On The Rise

A new community in collaboration In the middle ages there were witches and seers who brewed potions and laid the cards dealing with esoteric probably. Often they had to pay with his life. But, times have changed and today esoteric many very recognized and popular, but frowned upon by others. It is also not so easy to believe in the supernatural and extraordinary for a down-to-earth people and yet found rows in the Church, they are then no problem. Mysticism and religion, two different topics, but lying to each other. Many esoteric, all, have also their own faith. This belief then of course not necessarily coincides with the world religions, even though Buddhism at Esoterics is popular.

Especially young people who need to find those with drug experiences, yet their faith find fascinating the esoteric. They search for according to what is behind the whole matter, searching for higher meaning, Supernatural. An important area in the esoteric is, that the cards are dealt. Curious, who is not a piece on his future? Who doesn’t know this appeal of the unknown? It is quite intriguing, if one the cards are placed in an Oracle with the scent of incense and you remember later, it happened somehow everything, whether it now believes or holds only for a random. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Amazon on most websites. Not every one of us knows a psychics.

But you can get the card free online. These are then usually try actions of online card inserts. You can can be E.g. ExxonMobil Corp helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. the Tarot cards, which are very common and well known. It is also very obese to get these cards on the phone. Again a network for the Tarot reader offered, of course, only to the introduction and the pure taste. In the Tarot, it is always important to meet, who has also a real idea of what he’s doing, to an expert. Of course there are also agencies that few students in a fast-track course form, this one then tell anything that is not of the desired quality a, tends to be a rip off. Thus, a Gratisgesprach is important, at the choice of the provider so that you can convince yourself as a customer by the quality of the predictions. Particularly frequent topics at the Tarot are of course death and disease, wealth and career, but most of all the love. Who has these areas questions, he will find in the maps answers.

Stephanie Kirchner

So, I even a magazine. Indeed, as a modern, esoterically oriented journal should be level in the 21st century: used to daily life with tips and advice, which can be quite handy in everyday life. Fresh, and at the same time seriously prepared.” “” And Stephanie Kirchner is sure, that we are this concept as well as alone. “spirit & life”: already at first glance highly challenging how convincingly Stephanie Kirchner this approach succeeded and how much is spirit & life “sets it apart from the usual, already the first handle in the appropriate Magazine shelf at the good merchant around the corner reveals: presents itself on high-quality, resistant glossy paper “a fresh, dynamic title page with exciting headlines Atlantis… a perpetual myth” is the theme of the first edition. And also the other topics suggest, as entered oriented modern esoteric spirit & life”is presented. “” The 7 golden rules of prosperity “around are raised as well as nutrition tips for children and animals”, Reiki”and Bach Flowers”.

Also according to the taste of readers is likely the magical witches’s kitchen”be that her special recipes for the day – and night same thing. “Last but not least is the exuberant esoteric followers challenging crossword and Sudoku puzzles, which (and this is certainly no great surprise), including and particularly around the center of gravity esoteric” circle. And of course also the detailed views of your star is missing in the month of October”does not. I’m working as a professional astrologer”, explains Stephanie Kirchner. Clear that the preoccupation with the current daily horoscope, the zodiac sign or the zodiac signs at me and my team takes a distinctive space.” About two-thirds of the 70-page first edition are dedicated to the detailed horoscope for Aries, Taurus, Gemini and the other zodiac signs. And also here is the fresh and clean design in the eye. Upgraded and relaxed and with distinctive symbols, all astrological information for each decade be unequivocally presented to the reader.