Welcome To International Human Rights Day

The celebrity Centre Munich at Landshuter Allee invited to the reception on the occasion of the international human rights day of the United Nations”a. Members of the Association “all 30 human rights read to youth for human rights visitors. Two of them were listed as a sketch. The young people also recited why they employ at all for human rights. Some told how they at school or education discrimination had suffered or were at a disadvantage.

In a lecture, discusses why human rights are important at all and pointed out that human rights are available to every person in this world. Entered on the Geneva Convention, such as these refugees defines and recognizes. History from the older and younger history of the Huguenots until down to the Santa Cruz massacre in November 1991 was reported. Enlightened was also about the ethnic cleansing”, and in 2004 in Darfur, against which the United Nations 2004 voted in the genocide. It mentioned also on the related in the present persecution of Christians in many countries, as for example in Turkey, where around 120,000 Christians live. These are just 1% of the total population. In fact Christians freedom of religion while, actually the reality looks however differently. Christian churches are not legally recognised, Christians must carry no bank accounts, have no real estate, churches may not be able to educate their priests.

Some priests have been victims of the violence of youthful nationalists even 2006. After this lecture and the performances of the children and young people as well as outstanding music performances, 9 of 30 TV spots have been demonstrated that visually represent the human rights. L. Ron Hubbard, founder of that Church, said Scientology during his lifetime: Human rights must be not realized as fact as an idealistic dream. “Declaration of celebrity Center: to meet the special role of artists, was in 1969 in accordance with explicit requirements of L. Ron Hubbard a” special network created by Scientology churches, mainly artists and other public figures take care of that. Celebrity Center insert the entire fundamental truths of Dianetics and Scientology for the sake of creative people.

The Germans And Their TuV

This year, the silly season begins TuV tested everyone knows him in this country, the TuV, the “technical monitoring Association”. Nearly everything that one can buy especially anything powered by electricity, is examined by TuV in Germany. “Thats already since 1866, as the first boiler monitoring and revision clubs”, created the direct precursor of today’s TuV sections, in life. For steam boilers, some in the industry, had ugly, dangerous and costly property, often explode with increasing efficiency. The monitoring of steam engines by the DuRV, however, was quickly so successful that the State transferred its control monopoly in this area on them; the German TuV system was born. Gefahrenort Beach kiosk and until today we look at when buying a technical device reassured on the TuV Seal of approval.

And motorists in Germany have an ever closer, quite ambivalent relationship to the TuV; depending on your car is older, who wanted to seriously without TuV drive? Short, who once came with numerous soul sellers on the highways of this world, who a triple plug when using a dryer has see reeds, knows at least what we have at the TuV – a useful facility, no question. But how much, especially in the so-called “consumer protection”-area, drives the TUV system sometimes strange flowers. So, the “Tagesschau” opened the summer slump by indignant stating that many vacation souvenirs, which comes unsuspecting travelers to Europe Beach kiosks, were flunked by the TuV in this week. Incredibly, the silly season begins TuV tested this year. Considered us the beach kiosk but until yesterday yet a hoard of product quality and safety. The TuV knows better: “134 purchased game articles, sunglasses and football shirts had 52 defects, as reported by the TuV Rhineland.” (tagesschau.de). we are obviously shocked.

At the same time we need to on a beautiful Think story which is told repeatedly from fellow human beings, who have spent a while in the womb of the Bundeswehr. A provision for the training on the obstacle course to be there: “When reaching the upper end of the Kletterseils, the climbing movements are set.” The silly season begins this year anyway, TuV tested. Leave the beach kiosk operator of you can trust please show its TuV sticker. Andreas Kellner…

Football Lovers

The world’s longest coach Bank! A football club for fans. The primary objective of my German Football Association is to acquire a German Soccer Club and professionally by the fans / members to this. The fans can talk not only about football, but actively participate in decisions at the Club. For many football fans a big dream come true. All friends of football thanks to a clever approach result in a yet-to-be determined Club in higher areas to have a say even in the decisions of the coach. Especially in today’s times, where highly paid football manager and slipped Club guides engage less and less to the interests of football fans, it is absolutely important that the fans themselves acquire a club also actively to enforce their interests.

The sport and humanity are in the first place. The catchy name my German football”should also as a guarantor for a reinforced Are fostering young footballer in the respective region. Is still completely open, which Football Club is accompanied. Together we are strong”, the motto of the initiators of the extremely interesting future project.