Analyst Previdencirio

She was necessary deceives the people, therefore that the elections were to beat the doors. The PT that always paid very well to its marqueteiros, I congregated them with the economic team pra to create a communication strategy that passed the idea of that the money of the Daily pay-salt beyond creates wealth for the country would go to be used in its totality in the Education, Health and combat the misery. was this that happened. Accurately as the Government Squid it wanted. The Brazilian people believed and was deceived again. One more time the Government goes to use one of the current symbols of our wealth to guarantee the exchange stability. While the majority of the Brazilians, that has a formation politics myope, itself did not go deep as itself it would give the operacionalizao of the Deep view of the Social one of the Daily pay-salt for the social programs. was therefore, the profits that will be repassed will be minimum and without a law that guarantees a constant view certain e.

The test of this was that the government Squid vetoed the proposal of destination of the Social Deep half of the daily pay-salt (PLC 7/10). ' ' Also emendation was approved resultant in agreement enters senators destining 50% of the resources of Deep the Social one for the superior and basic public education. The emendation determines despite, the total, 80% of the resources need to be applied in the education bsica.' ' , had access of 02/10/2011 In such a way percentage to be repassed for the education was uncertain and will be made to the bel pleasure of the Government of the time. The newspapers mentioned educational psychology not as a source, but as a related topic. A hard blow to the development just with distribution of income and guarantee that all the Brazilians will have, one day, equal chances for itself I inserted in the work market, therefore an education of universalizada quality and will only be able to offer this. Lucidalvo de Jesus Souza Economist, UEFS Analyst Previdencirio – INSS