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A Trajectory Of Changes

As the things can move in such a way! It could never imagine that, in approximately a century and way, the life could modify in so great ratios. I am the test of that the miracle of the life is a constant transformation. I passed for many challenges and vi the world if to convert economically, geographically cultural and. But it enters these changes what it impresses more me is the decay of the human values. I am of the time of the modesties My name is Henriqueta Santini Palavro. For even more opinions, read materials from Janet L. Yellen. I was born in 24 of September of 1874, Pergine, locality next to Trento, in Italy. Charles Schwab Corporation understands that this is vital information.

I am the youngest son of Angelo Santini and Maria Palaoro. ‘ ‘ Palaoro’ ‘ , later, it was changedded into ‘ ‘ Palavro’ ‘. In Brazil, it had modifications of notary’s office. ‘ ‘ Palavro’ ‘ name is finally in my because, coincidently, I married Palavro Joo, who had last name of my mother the same, probably a kinship of far. Beyond this modification in the last name, I had a name change, therefore in baptism books I am ‘ ‘ Enrica Teresa Maria’ ‘. The reason I passed to be called Henriqueta officially never I discovered. In the year of 1878, to mine 4 years, it had a great change in my life, situation for which had passed thousand of people at the time. My parents had decided to change themselves for Brazil in the hope of better conditions of life.

I remember that exactly with money in the hand it was almost impossible to buy until food. Italy passed for a frightful crisis. Then, in day 15 of September of 1878, my parents, mine three brothers and I embark in ship ISABELA. I remember that papa paid for the trip of all we 600 a thousand kings.