The Union Members Of The Housing Market

Today in Russia, the active transformation in hmc are a necessity. The rate of change in regulations is justified huge size of our country and other factors inherent characteristics development of our state. For example, the housing reform was launched back in 1997, but the necessary changes outlined in the planned period, were not implemented. Already by 2004, society has changed, appeared proprietary goals set by the legislation rules were at a crossroads: on the worldwide global parameters reform was late at least 10 years. Read additional details here: Harvard University Police Department. Accordingly, the legal framework for housing reform has long lagged behind the consumer. Consider the market mechanisms for the implementation of legal ways to control houses. Usually, if a house has no owner, all emergencies will regulate local government. For the state or municipalities such way to control costs more than the rest. If the management company has a temporary home boss. As a result, over time, the manager will deal only with profit-making, usually with indifference treated the problem of finding funds for capital repairs, cosmetic repairs after a few years. For local officials such control method will be beneficial only as an opportunity to "pull" money, as housing oversight bodies and the heads of Governors housing organizations will be periodically swapped for mutual benefit. But in the end, the State will again decide the pending impossibly task – search owner of the house and help him a huge infusion of capital repairs. Such a method of management of apartment houses (the MCD) – this is just the transfer of minor difficulties in managing companies – so that through a few years back to delve into the already aggravated the problem.

Selling Goods

Oddly, but entered into force in December 2007 amendments to the law on consumer protection did not lead to consumer extremism, as dealers feared. In the automotive area of consumer rights are violated perhaps most often: the seller has something to lose and there is something to fight for. We have prepared answers to common questions that arise with customers car dealerships. Credit: kitchens-2011. Assistance in the preparation of legal advice rendered Lawyer company. What are the major changes relating to motor vehicles, appeared in a new edition of the Law? New edition now allows customers to request replacement of the goods or refund the money when it detects there any shortage of within 15 days. Previously such a procedure was possible only when there are significant shortcomings, and the main force consumers went to evidence that the lack of really significant. By 15 days after the return of the goods or the cancellation of the contract is now possible upon detection of a significant shortage of goods, breach of terms of repair, by law or by agreement of the parties, or the inability to use of the product for each year of the warranty period in the aggregate more than 30 days due to repeated removal of its various shortcomings. In addition, the tightened rules of selling goods with a deposit. Now the seller is financially responsible for the failure time of delivery. How is it possible to carry out the procedure for replacing a car with disabilities for the same, but quality? You can count on the goodwill of car dealers, but as once it something to expect and is not necessary.