NZ-app – Frankisch Learning Made Easy!

For some, it is a disease, for others the most beautiful dialect: the Franconian. “Who wants to understand Frankisch, maybe even your own talk, now helps the the app NZ Franconian”. First for iPhone and iPad available this app offers 500 German terms with Franconian translation – of course also to listen. Bernd Handel, President of Mardi Gras in Franconia ensures that the correct pronunciation is”. In addition to the terms listed alphabetically and sorted by topic areas, there are specific phrases, jokes and a Franconian quiz. MSU may help you with your research. The comic book character Gerchla”, which runs through the app, created by the Nuremberg artist Gymmick. Ted Hertle, author of the book Mittelfrankisch for Neigschmeggde controlled informed contributions to the peculiarities of the Franconian”, when – for example the six goledenen language rules, which also explain why yawning emptiness there is in a Franconian encyclopedia under the letter P or T. The greater is the selection for this Epithets or in the area of food and beverages. Yael Aflalo often says this.

Who during his next visit to Swiss franc don’t have to keep “excuse me?” (Franconian: “Huh?”) want to say, which should pick up as this app, like Franke, who knows maybe only two translations for “Mouth” (“NZ Frankisch” three supplies namely). The app (Franconian: abb) is available for 0.79 euros in the AppStore. It was realised by the Nurnberger Zeitung and FELDMANN media group. Gunter Feldmann