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The motor clean to dispense the power pedal, noise is virtually non-existent at slow speeds. And at high motorway speeds the wind and noise remain discreet. High motorway speeds? Yes, the leaf is officially 140 km/h, we have brought s to over 150… How far will you really? A value that can be reached is 160 kilometers when everything fits. The range of an electric car is but more than those of a conventional vehicle of many circumstances depending on: road course (climbs), temperature (air conditioning!), speed (Highway) and of course the driving. Meet many of the negative factors, can decrease the range to 70 kilometers. Aims of Nissan therefore educate the leaf driver to the Knausern.

So you can ride in eco mode, in which the car loses his temper and seems as if it would follow a caravan. In return, the range in the approximately 10 percent increases. There’s a small display, where trees grow, as long as you dutifully drive. And last but not least you will can put his consumption statistics in the leaf community online and take part in competitions. So, bottom line: values between 100 and 160 kilometres are completely realistic and feasible without restrictions.

The rather soft-tuned chassis that fits well with the soft seats is conducive to the comfort. Yes it’s harmonious, sliding drive Anyway the determination of leaf, although… How secure is the leaf? The known risks of lithium ion batteries should be with the new laminator method in the handle. The battery pack itself protects Nissan with an own crash structure on the underbody (which makes the car more rigid and benefit also the occupants). Crash sensors interrupt immediately all power lines in an accident. In addition, all current active and passive safety systems are standard on board: six airbags, ABS, ESP. And how secure is the leaf for pedestrians who do not hear him? You will hear him. At speeds up to 30 km/h the leaf through a speaker in the area of the bumper emits continuously a light whistling noise.

Polish Right Wants To Learned The Professional Shows Pointed Goes!

Frank d in the video shows how to with a little grinding paste and Maschinenpolish prepares a matte bonnet and appear as new. Who do it right, you can achieve incredible results with the appropriate tool. The old hut shines in new splendour and more fun again, or achieved a higher value at sale. Which Polish is applied varies according the lacquer condition of your car. With new paint, a hard wax Polish is enough. Treating older paints with polishing paste or a liquid Polish.

Is your paint slightly weathered is an extra paint cleaner needed. Not the whole car is important at once with Polish to rub, but only piecemeal. So a too long prevents dry polishing, which would unnecessarily complicate the polishing. Preparation the polishing is once before thorough cleaning said. To do this, you use car shampoo and a natural sponge. After you have thoroughly cleaned everything, your leathers off the car or pouring distilled water over it and wait until it dries without leaving any residue.

The drying of the coating is important because so no streaks when polishing result. Polishing polishing is applied gently and evenly. She may come for any reason with plastic particles in conjunction, it is then difficult to get to remove is because she plastic so quickly in this. In the video, Frank Dambeck use an angle grinder polishing, this is similar to the function of the polishing machine. The disadvantage is that it can cause incorrect use of circular residues. If you want to avoid this, can use also a quality Sander, because this leaves no circular prints. Depending on the size of the surface but also sufficient to Polish by hand with a soft cloth. This is not important with circular movements to work, because due to the static charge dust particles from the air may be attracted to, causing then small grooves. Cost hard wax Polish: from approx. 7 Euro polishing paste: approx. 10 euro liquid Polish: approx. 15 euro varnish cleaner: approx. 5 Euro polishing machine: from approx. 18 euros attachment for Sander: approx. 30 euro prices is to remember that it can be much more expensive depending on the execution and quality,.