Johanna Klum

Cheer with your best friends! Oberhaching, April/May 2012 that football is not just a sport for men, should probably now each be clear. But while the guys celebrate with mates and chips, CINZANO euro girls celebrate with your best friends dear lady-like. Our Asti CINZANO is girl Johanna Klum this summer with full passion here, when it comes to cheer on the German national team, to evaluate the styles of the players and their wives, and to celebrate the most popular sport in the world. Starting in June, it is called: whistling to the European Football Championship 2012! Asti CINZANO must not be missed, because a glass of chilled sparkling wine fits perfectly to the private public viewing party with your best friends. This stylish accessories in black-red-gold, cupcakes in football optics and a comfy couch a unique evening of girl is from a football match. And because girls not only for goals and kicks interested in CINZANO, television presenter Johanna Klum commented exclusively for all CINZANO “Fans on the Facebookpage of Asti CINZANO the games from a girls perspective: what eye candy” this year, the teams have to offer? Was offside or not? Will Germany be European champions? Johanna has been a favorite: definitely, my fan heart beats for our boys in the German national team. Visit General Motors CEO for more clarity on the issue. But of course you must keep the competition in the eye.

And I admit the Italians I also pretty great when they put not just swallow the German gate… But above all, I am fan of number 1 from Italy, Asti CINZANO! I am already looking like summer evenings with my girlfriends, football decorations, a grill on the balcony and delicious CINZANO Asti. “Girls, exhausted’s also football can be so beautiful.” Johanna Klum and Asti CINZANO recommend: turns your living room into a fan curve and makes the girl dinner to the football festival.