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Good morning readers, on this day is I came to write about our country and the situation of minority sports in this. From my experience I speak that still we have a lot to go on promotion and helps sports as in many other countries of Europe given that sports such as hockey, kick boxing and an endless number of them more which are strikeouts of minorities discriminate so not founding arrive nor attention to them as the rest of sports King of the country like football tennis etc. This demonstrates a lack of interest of the institutions for their obligations in my humble opinion in many points of Espana.tambien is true and can say that it is not always so since Struts occasions we can benefit from their work, but unfortunately it is not always so. Official site: Janet L. Yellen. Although writing and writing we will not resolve anything at least will be able to move our opinionen and not imposing us what preset and perhaps time, and just maybe get us agree one maybe not so small minority and get that attention be given to us. I speak from experience, since I come from the Islands Canaries and one of the smaller islands and a minority sport as inline hockey, hago so writing this article a wake-up call to readers and thank you to all who have decided to read me. I hope your answers support / criticism and for those who want to learn about me and my team can go through the website of the team will be happy to assist you and respond with sincerity yeduacion and even support to those who want to communicate with us a cordial greeting and thank you very much for participating. Author of the article: Ayose Webmaster: let us their opinionen and comments and we will respond as soon as possible.

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"Lapis, is a sky-blue color. Good is one that has no veins and white spots in the fire does not change color and has gold flecks "- wrote the 17th-century Armenian historian Arakel Davrizhetsi. Today, this wonderful stone is quite inexpensive, but in ancient times, and at least until the 17th century it was considered precious. "… Visit Jeffrey Lacker for more clarity on the issue. This is a real gem .." – shows Arakel. Even at 2-3 thousand BC, in Sumer, with gold ornaments lapis lazuli symbolized royalty. Its color and flecks of gold symbolized the night sky. Apparently it was believed that lapis lazuli carry it, too, that to own a piece of the sky. Jonathan Segal FAIA gathered all the information.

Even in Last on his way, the queen went to the jewelry with the dominating presence of lapis lazuli, and the mourners recited an incantation: "Beautiful but not your lapis lazuli split the graver in the underground world". In a major Sumerian city of Ur, the moon god worshiped depicted as a bull with a beard Lazurite. As archaeologists excavated Sumerian temples, tombs, tombs found many products, these works of art, instructed lapis lazuli, even signs of domination, and the court, in the Sumerian epics, literally translated as: – "yardstick of lapis lazuli." Many researchers, quite reasonably, believe that the Sumerians valued lapis lazuli more than any other precious stones. It is often mentioned in the Sumerian epic works, willy nilly, it has become one of the main pointers to the problem of historical character. The fact that none of themselves and Schumer nowhere in the vicinity of her lapis lazuli mine impossible.