Disney Satellite

For more details you can read at And at the end of this article some of the popular satellite TV channels and given article was written by observations from the southern part of Ukraine and is aimed at fans of the satellite receiving antenna at a small diameter (see 90/110). I can assure you, in most cases it can be extended to nizheskazannoe the entire territory of Ukraine and the European part of CIS in general. A variety of satellites and provided them with channels and services today is impressive. Many of you have noticed that, unfortunately for some satellites configured makes no sense. Why? Because the number of broadcast channels with them is usually very low, and can generally be limited to a pair of channels and everything, and even for the most part, these channels do not represent us very little interest.

On Some satellite broadcasts are carried out in C-band, which requires additional LNB on your dish (the standard Ku-band converter installed on most antenna systems is naturally not suitable to receive C-band reception in). Hispasat 30 W in the main channel in Spain and Portugal, or rather their pay packages that our sat-lovers can look quite often, thanks to the pirates. See there's a few football channels, many music, including several channels of MTV, a lot of English channels, the popular Disney, Discovery, National Geografic etc. Fans will be pleased, too, XXX. The only companion is hanging pretty low in the trees gustozasazhennyh areas may have problems, especially those who live in the private sector (in 1-2 storey buildings).

The Cafe

Be careful – and If you skleroznik, I recommend the wallpaper at home to write all the events … or on the ceiling, so that he fell asleep every night to see 🙂 For each day can be your gift. For the day of the meeting for example flowers, a birthday – it individually for each – you can understand … etc. Law girls: if a guy did something unusual, not like before, then fell out of love, I forgot, changed, and the fig, he surrendered to me so of course 🙂 The last comes later …

This is certainly bad law for women. Let us say if you are on the first day meeting gave the flowers, the second day presented, then the third day even better come with a broom, but not with empty hands! Otherwise – the suspicion, jealousy turns into violence fatal … 🙂 B courteous! / B Did you see who comes in the door you first or is it? And when you come in the cafe who moves to another chair to sit down and help?? In general as: Man everywhere skip ahead, but the restaurant where you should go ahead and choose a table, and even help her sit down! (Not much for her) If behaving her home, go ahead, too – such a law. Concede forward to helping the bus to get up, go out first to go down to help, to give a hand, do not forget. All rules good manners you should at least know – at least, and apply them – the maximum! Read the rules of etiquette and learn.