The International Foundation

We don’t really know our spirituality, or put another way not we have recognized our own spirituality, we still have attachments, we do not transcend, it is one of the three inescapable problems which marks Huston Smith. In the book which mentions Dr. Gallegos in education practice spiritual (education and spirituality), while that other problems (material and social), if they were recognized and tarnished the spiritual problem along the educational history. In the spiritual intelligence have place other intelligences, like intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence, but unlike in These spiritual intelligence is exclusively human, spiritual intelligence, it is not a reaction of our senses, of our hormones, physical changes, when we speak of an intelligence with these characteristics we are talking about emotional intelligence, but when intelligence is just reasoning, memory and logical processes are talking about intellectual intelligence. Intelligence spirituality is all of what we are, has the ability to transcend, is the development of consciousness and universal love, considered values, use sense for correct decision-making of here part to all the intelligences and accommodates us in an order wings other intelligences.

The characteristics of spiritual intelligence are: be happy despite the circumstances, inner peace and equanimity, universal, live to serve love, overcomes the suffering, is independent and autonomous, ethical conduct, the why of things, you discerning, learn to be, integrated holistic education in its entirety. Conclusions: The International Foundation for the Education holistic in Mexico, offers nationwide preparation and holistic training at all levels and trains all educator who performs within all educational dependency and Government as well as all productive organization. The holistic master teaches his disciples in addition participant achieve a development and self-improvement. Mexico holistic education, brand within its objectives promoting the practice of teaching and holistic behavior en masse, activity that also strengthen learning helps to a better personal performance. The holistic education in Mexico, has an arduous task in promoting the holistic education at all educational levels, in all discipline professional, in any company or organization, difficult but not impossible that its graduates will join this Foundation spreading in all Mexico with its practice, and permanent behavior, even with otherwise living in the general behavior of this era. Educational institutions whose purpose is to educate in an integrated manner, must be coordinated in the best way to integrate the holistic education within all its activities and thus promote the true Integral formation in the young. This work is in relationship spread the holistic education to all educators for the good not only of institutions if not of humanity, the change exists personally it is giving. I appreciate all the support that it has given me to the Instituto Tecnologico de San Luis Potosi, as well as the Foundation, and in particular Dr. Gallegos Nava provided confidence.