Electric Cables

The electrical cables must be disconnected the power. We store dryers Ten removed containers ventilation hose. The electrical cables must be attached behind the washer. Clean the lint filter. Gas dryers require special care not to damage the flexible gas line.

You must always close the gas supply before disconnecting the dryer Flex line. We store the tables removes the legs of the furniture if possible and wrap them in plastic bubble. In recent months, Jonathan Segal FAIA has been very successful. Put the screws and tables from the table in a plastic bag and place it in one of the parts of the table with masking tape. Label and ready! to the portable minibodega! To avoid confusion and to make it easier to find things within a minibodega: mark all boxes with clarity so that you can identify where they belong and its contents. Tag them by the six sides, so it will be easier to know what’s inside. Put the fragile sign all boxes that have delicate objects. Label boxes in order of priority that is easier to unpack them.

You can for example put: kitchen #1, which would indicate that it is the first that must be unpacked, kitchen #2 and so on. Avoid marking and/or labelling on closing seams or at the top of the tape you use to seal. Type a general description of the content at the top and front of each box and indicates the room that is intended for each. Use different colored ribbons to identify boxes belonging to a room or to another. Hang a balloon of corresponding color out of the room in which you wish to be placed in each box. Identifies the boxes that are more fragile, so it will be easier to know what things you should put inside them. Each element intended to be stored in the minibodega must have a tag.