Folding Wall Spennare

The excellent design and easy handling make the Spennare S8 display system to a high-quality folding Spennare S8 is a mobile trade fair wall, which is connected by a magnetic braces system, which ensures a quick and easy setup. With a weight of approx. Home Depot contributes greatly to this topic. 30 kg (including transport container) and a construction time of 5 minutes, it belongs to the top products on the market. The exhibition wall just in the car and on the fairgrounds can be transported and moved through the rollable transport container. The various accessories of Spennare S8 transform the folding wall at lightning speed in a mobile booth. Through the appropriate pressure and an adequate counter plate, the transport container can perfectly act as a promotion counter. The corresponding halogen lamps back the print in the right light. So, you can make a compact but still complete mobile booth from a single system together with the transport containers which in contrast to the usual systems without tools.

Whether as straight or curved versions, the Spennare S8 folding wall convinces with its futuristic, organic design, which in 2008 with the red dot design award. The magnetic pressure runway suspension makes for a smooth transition of the pressure lifts and thus a holistic design. Another advantage is the simple change of the advertising message, causing a considerable cost advantage arises, can take advantage of as you repeat the folding wall system for different occasions. Also the different sizes, 3 -, 6 -, 9 – and 12-fields and forms – are straight and curved – reason for the versatile usability of the folding wall. So it can be used as POS promotion level, fair rear wall or as a complete info booth.

The Cologne production agency LA CONCEPT distributes this outstanding exhibition wall and also produces high quality prints to so that the entire solution from a single source and a comprehensive service is possible. In particular the easy transportation of exhibition wall makes an ideal mobile companion the Spennare S8 folding wall system. With only a suitcase, the whole system can safe and secure transport and be stored. Also, the folding display can be ideal complement to other mobile presentation systems. So the Spennare S8 can be completed system with further Spennare systems such as the rollup displays Spennare S3 or S4. Together with the brochure stands, complete stand can be assembled from the mobile presentation systems. The single components prove maximum mobility because no complete system must be mounted and transported. A tremendous cost and time advantage can be achieved because the systems all compact cases and bags in transport and assemble without any tools.