Soccer Internationally

Translated by Brown Sam. I like English the basic one, and I do not like the complications. I like football" and I do not like soccer". I talk about a single sport, ftbol" , so what I mean it is that I do not like the word soccer". As a European living in the South America I believe that the game only has an English name in basic and that is football". He is strange to listen American South people to say soccer" when it is speaking in English, and I I suggest this supposed translation to them is not correct nor necessary.

By all means that is essential North American them to call ours football by another name so that they already have football American and obvious they do not want to have any confusion. The problem for my is that, even in English the basic one, soccer" it is more or less an offensive word. This has been always controversial since it is a name imposed to the sport by his opponents and detractors. You must understand that when modern soccer was organized (not invented the game is very old) in England at the end of the century the 19 English high class already had football" they had rugby football, in which the players could take and throw the ball with the hand. Rugby was a sport of the schools public (that is the English name for the schools of high cost) and of the universities. The administrators of that sport, which is even very popular, did not want perder" its game with the sport of the new working-class, so they called soccer". An association had been formed to make work the new sport and soccer" it is thought to be like a contraction of Association" (Charles Wreford-Brown, a noble of the old regime, usually the credit by this takes).