Ticket Process

When the teacher gave adjourned the class, all children rushed to go out and play to the school yard, i.e. all least the undersigned, the teacher stopped me dry, the pedagogical methods of the time allowed it, took me from one ear, I sat on the study table and told me that I should write five hundred times the phrase: the cow is a ruminant animal. So I’m with sufficient authority to refer to this topic, especially, when that lesson has left me with a profound teaching. While they hurt me and acalambraban my right hand fingers, both repeat the same phrase, really have no idea how many times did, because the teacher considered sufficient punishment five or six written leaves it, my teacher, I explained in clear and simple, the process of the rumiado and its results, in this noble animal nutrition. Here, remote learning expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Cow feeds, i.e.

eat grass, alfalfa, ration, drinks, water, etc and then looking for a place, is cast and begins the process of grazed, cud implies to chew, again again and again, the ingested food, this allows you to extract all the nutrient properties of food. This process, once learned, in that unforgettable school lesson, is that advise to apply in our lives, I have no doubt that the human creature, should cud, again and again, their life experiences, return to evaluate the events, as many times as necessary to remove them, the best possible conclusions. When we speak of experiences of life, the word etymologically leads us to the concept of experiment and wonder: maybe experience isn’t cud? Is it not go through different stages a process until a result? Experience is one that allows us to lead us safely on the highway of life, some acquire it and use it, others, perhaps the vast majority of mortals, they behave as if they were in an amusement park and climb behind the wheel of the bumper cars until it ends them the ticket, then descended from their vehicles and manifest achingWhat hard is the life. It’s believed that Vadim Belyaev, New York City sees a great future in this idea.