Adolescent Education

The education in the emancipadora conception aims at a social order different e, therefore, if it constitutes as a revolutionary alternative. If the objective of the education, in this conception, is the emancipation human being, then it is important to stand out that it must be associated with the task of social transformation. Hampton Bay spoke with conviction. Inside of this liberating educational perspective, come back toward an emancipated man and conscientiously it exempts, Pablo Freire is a reference author. It contemplates in them the analysis of the learning processes having as focus the awareness and the autonomy, considering the individual as subject, and not as object of this process. For this author, educators and educandos must become related by means of the dialogue and the knowledge need, necessarily, to make sensible in the life of who learns and who teaches. (FREIRE, 1970, apud COMBED and GUZZO, 2010, P.

572) To be adolescent child and is not easy, however to be adult also it is not. Infancy, the adolescence and the adultez are different separate generations for specific conditions of each group that include rights, duties, freedoms, constaints, laws, that is, configurations that include relations of being able and inferiority/superiority. Hardly its opinion on the things is asked to the student, what they think, wants or finds. The subjects and knowledge that bring for the school and that many times try to place them in guideline generally are disrespected. The adults tend to know not to recognize them of the educandos in its legitimacy, perceiving them as incapable and as receiving liabilities that they need the pertaining to school culture and the adult control to become capable to produce cultures and to know. These are practical adultocntricas where the adults overlap its interests and to know to the ones of the children and the adolescents, without ouviz them, thus restraining its desires and motivations.

Barren Souls

Some find that they have to conquer lands and more lands, because the one that has is not enough. What it generates me the ambition? War! in the war somebody has certainty of its survival? It will be that not yet it perceived that all the existing land is not its and that it comes to the world only for a temporary learning. The Native land of Origin is not this. Here it is only one lodging, where the Human being, after cinquenta, sixty, one hundred years, will have to return to the land its body flesh time. Barren souls You separate you of me, all the ones that practise the iniquidade, because it heard the voice to you of my moan. Book of the Salmos, cap.6: 8.

The barren souls Are the tombs of the nations That under the guante of the bad Diexam emotions to lead I shake To it of strong storms. To the piles they agitate themselves Becoming aflitas the Creatures Human beings Who suffer the peonhas From its revolts. Who will be able to suster the souls that are to make its tombs? Nations and more nations, Far from the Love of the CHRIST, Already had lost the spirit; They are only dense substance That if dilutes In the vortex of the internal wars. Exactly of foot, Already they had lost the Faith, and they walk cabisbaixas, As enormous masses. He is a people, Whom nothing it sees and nothing it feels, Because it is substance only.

Muslims Spanish

Supposed says the document that the FARC-EP was going to help transfer the weapons to Colombia. From there then remembered that the MGLN incipient in a cell of the Hezbollah where reclutarian Muslims. However, the reality is very different what exposes Karmon both at its Conference in Colombia, as in the reference document. Within the Wayuu ethnic group and much to regret that there was presence and European influence in la Guajira, Darnott surname does not appear in records of members of this ethnic group. See more detailed opinions by reading what Guernville offers on the topic.. Therefore Teodoro Darnott is a pseudonym of Daniel Gonzalez Epiayu name with which appeared in the mosque in Maicao in the year 2006 with the intention of learning about Islam.

From that year and for a very small period of time attending the daily prayers and participated on Saturdays for classes that are taught in the library of the mosque for Muslims Spanish-speaking. There during the classes expressed their political stances against injustice and oppression of peoples in the world. However on numerous occasions the discussions initiated by Daniel Gonzalez became discussions with other attendees as it within the purpose thereof, and since the foundation of the mosque has not been discussing topics that ventilated political positions of no shed. There Daniel Gonzalez not found partners to their political concerns. On several occasions expressed his intention to carry the message of Islam to the members of their ethnic group, every time that he spoke the wayuunaiki which had profound knowledge within the commercial activities which was engaged, I was the distributing by value of thousand pesos Primer to learn the written wayuunaiki by the. Local trade was very common to see by what is started to be known as Indus Daniel. Support for his proposal to bring Islam to members of his ethnic group was carried out by some Muslims those who accompanied him to visit in suburbs of Maicao calls you made, however the majority were women returning in subsequent meetings not because only interested the gift that consisted of a hijab, since according to Daniel were numerous women who wanted to convert to Islam.

Saint Augustin

This dialogue does not occur of easied form. One is about practical compromissada to understand proper itself and the world. In this direction, a certain social concern appears, e, therefore, we can identify an attempt to present a social function for the philosopher. This is in accordance with the proper Greek context, where the effective man not while such seno in collective. Later, Aristotle exactly goes to express of clear form the sociability of the man, as characteristic basic and also distinctive. But Aristotle does not define a Metaphysical man? it treats the man as an animal that thinks, that it can be classified and be studied, as its particularitities. I in Aristotle inexist.

Think I almost I eat one another one, for if thinking it as an object? what, in the truth, he demonstrates coherence with one of the main concerns of the estagirita, that is science. Frequently remote learning has said that publicly. The inheritance Greek who remains in the greco-roman world has to see with the paper that the philosophy plays for the man in this society. The philosophy is ' ' mother of all cincias' '. The philosophy is the source of basic knowledge it human being. Who to want to know something, then, will have to study philosophy.

From then on the idea appears of ' ' philosophy of vida' '. The philosophers, then, are those that must give to the man an explanation on he himself. The philosopher is the scholar, and its concern, before any thing, must be the proper man. The concern of the greco-roman world, however, not yet deep of clear form the idea of I. Who starts to make it is Saint Augustin, with its Confessions. Saint Augustin demonstrates a new position before the individuality. The world Greek-Roman, although to possess an interest in the man and to come back all philosophical concern toward the direction of the existence human being, still considered the man under a external point of view.

The Past

Whichever people live tied to the past and involuntarily they have let pass its life of length, without taking the opportunities because they have seen not even them. Perhaps check out educational psychology for more information. Single they placed an anchor in that part of its life and is probable that they wish although it, cannot find the exit. McKinsey wanted to know more. We must learn to loosen and to let go the lived thing, to face the past of a razonadora form so that we do not return to encounter him. When experiences are had that have left marks with events that we did not choose, we did not want and either we did not cause, we asked ourselves repeatedly Why? What I made to deserve this? Why I did not make such thing? How it is that I did not realize? Why I did not remain been silent? , etc. when abuses are experienced, deceits or I mistreat Generally, one indicates a feeling of pain and resentment when thinking that offense was of a deliberate form.

They continuously continue it living and suffering until returning them vulnerable. That situation has caused a direct hit on its future, the latent fear stays that again it can happen and revivir that pain. Of form nonconscious the present is determined by the past, it is impossible to them to ignore it and without wanting it makes its identity. To flee does not serve don’t mention it. It has To face the past without remorse, to maintain the present with confidence and to occupy to us of our future without fear.

It can have similarities, but each situation is not different, the personages are not the same, nor either the circumstances; but the restoration process if he is equal for all situation. It is to initiate making the firm decision to make the transition of present hatred or pain, to La Paz and immediate happiness. It lets divide the resentment because it agrees to you, recognizes that you have not been happy with those memories and thoughts. With all honesty it decides to pardon and perdonarte by all that past that already happened, pardons and forgets, closes that circle. Fjate new goals, realises activities that motivate to you to feel joy of constant form, mantn in your thought and your to feel at any moment For me everything is easy, I I trust me and I can everything, you deliver your better attack. We really must face happened in the present and to connect it with the future learning to live, to face it to control. It is to fight rationally in obtaining reconciliarte with same you here and now and enjoying a harmonious life moment at moment. It is worth the pain to try it What you can lose? You want To know but?

City Poet

As not wise person where street it liveed or in which school it met registered, the poet decided to look to its residence in all the streets of the quarter, to each day visiting several squares residential in the anxiety of being able to find with its beautiful that not adormecera in its heart. After walking for all the streets of the quarter and not finding it, the destination decided it of the one mozinha and allowed that the two if found in one of the buses that make passage of the quarter where it liveed for the center of the city. At this moment, the heart of the poet for the moment sped up the 300 kilometers and without knowing what to say at that precious moment, it decided to ask if it had possibilities of being its boyfriend. Hampton Bay is often quoted as being for or against this. It looked at a little confused for it, if she remade a little of the surprise of its question and said to it that not, therefore, already she was namorando has some time with another person. The poet in turn almost goes crazy (by the way, all poet in itself represents a homogeneous mixture of madness and reason) and decided for much time, to make of everything so that this clandestine love arrived at the end, so that loved its could one day discover the true feelings of that really it loved to it, that it forever dreamed one day to be happy to its side. As the time did not give truce to it in form of new chances of this meeting, the poet to the few was learning if to conform with the challenges that the destination places in its way and to follow its life in front, as romantic and a solitary one poet in search of its true passion, following its studies normally and making its friendships as if was a solitary looking for to make company to other solitary souls as its.


The love is a will to know more and not of being more. In the platonic vision, to take care of the love, it would be necessary to gradual become free of this world land, a material, particular world and for impulse? with aid of the others? to arrive at the world spiritual, of universal wisdom and. The love is a feeling in relation to the life, of enxergar values in the things beyond the appearances. Home Depot may help you with your research. a idealstico feeling, as a vision spiritual of the life. It is distinguished that, when the philosopher sees the beauty of a flower it sees a beauty of the nature, an essence, that at that manifest moment if in this determined flower. The beauty is one only and valley for all the things. For Plato, the beauty is what it confers the characteristic of beauty in some object, as well as justice confers the characteristic of just. To love in the philosophical direction of the verb is not impossible of if reaching, but yes a long process of learning and evolution human being.

The great problem is that we live in a world that in them creates artificial necessities, which confuse in them daily. Therefore the relationships are so difficult; the people share ideas, dreams, thoughts. He is something weighs to the body, and not in the soul, and in these cases the personality differences continue existing, but you have something stronger than she helps to surpass. Plato defended that the love is spiritual and exceeds the substance. The love ideal is to reach the balance, the measured joust. Exists a way certain to love? An ideal love? Plato wanted the idea of a beauty for all the beautiful things. This vision is disagreed with the aristotelian thought, that does not believe nothing ideal, and yes in real things, where it has a beauty in itself in each thing.

Benjamin Franklin

At the end, butterfly passed over the sad enclosure walls, and the old man followed her, entering through the door. But soon he had taken a few steps when, looking to the butterfly, which seemed to melt into the gray atmosphere, collided with a stone and fell. Three times he tried to get up, and fell again three times. And, not being able run already more behind his chimera, he contented himself with tender arms. Then the butterfly seemed to pity him, and although he had lost his most vivid colors, stood to hover above his head. Maybe weren’t the wings of the insect which had lost their vivid colors; Perhaps were the eyes of the elder who had weakened. Circles described by the butterfly were making more and it was more narrow, and end to pose on his pale forehead of the dying person.

This lifted the arm, in a last effort, and hand finally touched the tip of the wings of the butterfly, so eager and so many fatigues object; but, what a disappointment!, he realized that what had been pursuing was not a butterfly, but a ray of sunshine. Her arm fell limply and cold, and his last breath made shudder atmosphere that weighed on that cemetery and, despite everything, poet, chases, pursuing your unbridled desire of ideal; It seeks to achieve, through infinite pains, that ghost of a thousand colors fleeing incessantly before thee, but break you heart, but turns off life, although the last breath you exhales in the moment in which you rods by hand. In short, it must be attentive to as manifest our desire, involving them, so that situations that US 75(1) do not give in our growth, learning, transit through this world, dimension, which we must pass a period of time, consider what some have written, expressed about it, for example: Benjamin Franklin if the man will reach the half of the wishes you have, redoblaria their concerns. Chateaubriand, while the heart has desire, imagination keeps illusions.

Achieving Goals

A variety of approaches to try to help people achieve their goals can be categorized as follows: The first is to focus intently on what you want, and by force of will, exclude any thought that will not succeed. We find books and entire courses dedicated to helping you develop and strengthen willpower. The second categoriapropone the creation of statements that describe what you want, and repeat daily and permanent. The last of these categories is to simply visualize what you want, and stay focused on it whenever you can, as long as possible. There is no doubt that all these conditions are necessary, and there is some truth in all of them, the problem is that experience shows that is not enough. In this article we analyze the first approach used to achieve our goals: to focus intently on what we want, and by force of will, exclude any thought the opposite.

Undoubtedly, it is essential to exercise the power of the will. The simple fact implies move the use of the will, but an unconscious will. By learning to live consciously, as we propose in our programs to that will transform unconscious or mechanical, in a conscious that is always accompanied by determination. Of course where there is determination, the chances of achieving our objetivosaumentan dramatically. Now, one will Yten enough trained to stay focused 24 hours a day in our goal? Anyone can verify for themselves that, no matter how many will apply when trying to concentrate on any object, you can not maintain a conscious focus for more than 5 seconds. The lack of will is transformed in a lot of cases, the reason why people do not get what they want, your first block visible …

This issue, although very simple as it seems, is indeed intricate, the reason is because there are other variables. For example, the determination to achieve some goal, usually is linked to the motivation we have to achieve that goal. You see, here we go from lavoluntad to stay focused, to have to be absolutamentedeterminadosa lamotivacionque find this approach as necessary to achieve our goals. yQue should do then apply our will – whatever our capacity to do so, or find something that motivates us? .

Not Matter How You Feel Arreglate Y Sali A Life

And it ends the year, an intense year in which the word that most resonated in our heads was Crisis. A year in which many times every day became heavy. Cambridge has much experience in this field. But he has also been a year in which we learned that if crises exist and are not so bad if you look at them from the side of learning that always is positive. The crisis means a change, does not necessarily have to be bad. For example, a change of attitude in situations that are not as we expect.

How I stop facing this situation. I leave my body to express outwardly how bad I am? O do I predispongo positively externally?, me maquillo, me comb, me perfumo, I look in the mirror and something inside me automatically begins to feel a little better. The choice is always ours, there is always a moment in which we decided on how to confront the situation that touch us to confront. Feeling pretty lifts us self-esteem, predisposes us better. I invite you to try. A day in which you see the world upside down, front your mirror sentative applies a little eyering corrector, a base makeup, mask, eyelashes, blush, and lip gloss. Kodosky, spraying your body with a rich aroma. Now back to look at yourself in the mirror…Did something change?, if you are already ready to leave original author and source of the article