New: Individual Revolving Door Cabinets At Baur

700 Cabinet variants online selectable analog to the social trend of the individualization are increasingly popular individual furniture. For this reason, the Configurator of the Baur shipping allows now the composition of revolving door cabinets according to the personal taste of the customers. In total, 700 different combinations of revolving door cabinets can be put together. The prices of the units start at 229,99 Euro. See Configurator customers in five easy steps revolving door cabinets can according to their design and order conveniently online.

Only four to six weeks later delivered home free. The first step: the General Cabinet types here are cabinet widths from two to six doors to choose from. While the second the body color is to determine the third step includes the choice of the material of the Cabinet fronts: Here bronze or Crystal mirrors and glass fronts can be selected between UNI colours. Solid colors are desired, so the customer can these colors in the determine subsequent fourth step. In the fifth step, he can indicate whether he may supplement his cabinet with drawers. After this General cabinet selection, it is still possible to complement its interior by coat and pants holder, additional shelves or drawer inserts.

Furthermore, Halogen lighting can be selected here. Also the configuration of sliding door cabinets, upholstery and beds possible sliding door wardrobes can be individually configured for around a year on. Here the customer 360 Cabinet variations can choose from. Prices of furniture pieces start at 399 euros. The possibilities of configuration of upholstered furniture and beds are bigger: total 15,600 upholstery variations, as well as 24,000 upholstered bed combinations are possible. Prices for corners start at 499 euros, those for upholstered beds at 599 euros. While the manufacturing of furniture to measure is often expensive,. allows customized mass production the realization of individual wishes to moderate prices. Furniture expert Gerhard Vogel von Baur shipping explains: our configurator is linked directly with the software of our suppliers. So, he receives an order for the production of each piece of furniture directly to the customer’s order. Cooperation, which is so far unique in Germany!”